How to Find the Best Travel Deals

cabrioThe Expedia website provides plenty of information about various travel options, but is best known for allowing anyone to search through a vast amount of travel deals. The search interface is extremely user-friendly, but this does not mean that it is limited in what it can do. There is no requirement to be a current customer in order to use the search tool, and no obligation to complete a booking at any time. What follows are the current available search functions that are being provided by Expedia.

Flights: Many people only need a flight, and Expedia is more than happy to help by showing current flight availability and pricing. To search, simply select the flight only option, select the ‘to and from’ airports, and enter the travel dates. If you need to book a flight for more than just yourself, select the correct number of passengers. Once the results are displayed, you will be able to pick and choose from all of the flights that are available on your travel dates. Each will be sorted by price and any layover information will be included.

Hotels: Much the same as the flight search, the search for a hotel will require some basic information about where you want to stay, with how many people, and for how long. It is possible to reserve other accommodations, such as a villa. Contact Expedia if you would prefer something more than just a standard hotel room. It is possible to search for flights and accommodations together, and you may save money by booking both at the same time. According to Expedia, amounts up to several hundred pounds can be saved by booking the two together.

Bundle Deals: These are combination travel arrangements, such as flight plus hotel, or flight plus car hire. If you need a flight and hotel and car, those can also be booked together. The search tool asks you to select the exact type of arrangements that you need, after which a selection of available options will be provided. If you do not see the exact options that you need, contact Expedia customer service and speak with an agent. It is possible for agents to create specific deals for customers in some cases. Agents can also provide information about special last minutes deals that are being offered at a discount.

In addition to flights, hotels, and car hire, Expedia offers cruises and things to do in their search tool. The cruise search only requires that you enter a destination and travel month in order to be able to see the results. When searching for things to do while traveling, you will need to enter the destination and dates. In nearly all cases, vouchers can be printed at home and used for hassle-free travelling. However, problems are not unheard of. If you have an questions about search results, or run into any issues while trying to travel using a booking that was completed on the website, contact Expedia for immediate assistance.